Argos across the decades

The Guardian is today celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Argos catalogue.

Love it or loathe it many of us have grown up with the Argos catalogue. My sister confesses that as a child she would spend hours compiling wish-lists of furnishings for her imaginary home from it.

Retro-ware fondly recollects these 1970s Pye TVs, here handsomely sported on a sheepskin rug.


Orange was the big colour for home interiors in 1973 and hostess trolleys were the order of the day…


… and there were no anti-cellulite creams or body shrinking wraps, so women had to resort to more drastic methods of combatting flab in those troublesome areas.


Where would we be without Argos to cater for those everyday household essentials?



One Response to “Argos across the decades”

  1. Shona Says:

    Now this takes me back. Alot. I’m sure we had one of those Pye televisions when I was no bigger than a garden pea 🙂

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