Fat lava

Thanks to everyone who came along to visit us at the vintage fair in Moseley on Saturday. Our next event will be at the Hare and Hounds in Kings Heath on Saturday 1st March. ‘Til then you can check out retro-ware stuff at the Warwick Antiques Centre where we always have a wide range of stock including Scandinavian glass from Riihimaki and Holmegaard plus lots of Whitefriars and Midwinter pottery. You’ll also find a good selection of West German fat lava vases at the moment. The prices on these have gone through the roof on ebay since the Antiques Roadshow (which I have to confess is my favourite Sunday night guilty pleasure) featured them in their 20th century design show from the De la Warr Pavilion a few weeks ago and tipped them as one of the best investments for the future within the retro collectables market. Only a year or two ago you could pick up pieces from charity shops and car boot sales for just a few pounds but some of the rarer examples now fetch well over a hundred pounds.

This stuff was an acquired taste for me. When I first came across West German pottery I wasn’t sure that I liked it, but after digging around for a while I’ve managed to collect some really great pieces and I love it now. It’s slightly garish colours are great for injecting a bit of playfulness and fun into clean contemporary living spaces – take a look at Diesel in Birmingham’s Selfridges where West German vases can be seen in abundance.

If you want to find out more check out Mark Hill’s book ‘Fat Lava‘.

If you’ve got any of this stuff it’s probably worth holding onto it, if you haven’t start collecting now while it’s still relatively affordable.



One Response to “Fat lava”

  1. Fat Lava Lover Says:

    Mixed feeling, I recognize it. I felt quiet the same about it, didn’t know exactly wether I should love or hate them.

    I’m still in doubt.

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